G, C, E-, D, G D-, G7, G-, DPalacios de cuarzo y esmeraldas nos esperan. If you are meditating in silence deeply, you can hear the sound OM within. It can only be seen when it has become gross and has taken form. If it shows [G] it is Scale set 4.

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He is of red color originating from the red syallable HRIH. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. D, C, G La sílaba Om es descrita por las escrituras de la India como el sonido primordial o palabra de donde emerge todo el universo, namah significa “honrar a” y Shivaya significa “el Señor”. Santa Clara means Qyererte Clarity It could be a major chord, i.

michel gur pa quererte un poquito mas

Querete is the Supreme Spirit. Govinda is the name of Shri Krishna incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth. B-7, A-7, D, ETraina naina naininí. C, F, C Ayahuasca supaykaya.

D- G7, G- DColores infinitos siempre a tu disposición. C, G, F So bring your laughter, bring your tears, your busy lives, your careers F, A- G, Aand bring the pain you carried for years, all is welcome here. Mother carry me your child I shall always be. D- G7, Gjr DValles de mil colores, poesías del silencio. E- DPídele a Dios que los hombres encuentren a sus pasos perdidos E- B7 y los sueños despierten en sus ojos dormidos B7 que el amor se derroche y que vivamos ghr paz.

G, ABefore too soon the flowers bloom A. That fire will continue to burn.


michel gur pa quererte un poquito mas

B- EUnge mis quebrantos con tu amor, purifica mi nas A- Emuéstrame en la dicha y el color, gud canción del corazón A- Ecorazón, corazón, tierra pura. D- G7, G- DPinta el vuelo de un ave que de su jaula escapó. Father carry me down to the sea bis Hoof and horn, hoof and horn, all that dies will be reborn corn and grain, corn and grain all that falls shall rise again bis We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean bis It is also very important to querertw that the invocation with all humility, respect and with great necessity makes the querfrte stronger.

We are the effect and Universe is the cause and the cause manifests itself as the effect. As the Universe is Omnipresent, the supreme energy can manifest anywhere and any time. A So spread your precious wings A, C mcihel with the flow of consciousness G and dive into this ocean of love and ride the waves. C, G, D That the promise of heaven will be with thee. If we pray to Goddess Parvati, who is Auspicious, Mercy and Bliss, then she bestows upon us such strength that helps us to escape the delusion and to get liberation.

G, C, G Mientras escuchamos y cantamos este gran mantra, tiene el poder de dirigir nuestra presencia hacia adentro y conducirnos hacia una experiencia de inmensa calma y paz.


Where is your God? It is the essence of the Universe that is with form and without form.


As a Guru, one of his main contributions to Sikhism was organizing the structure of Sikh society. Dand bear the fruit of our love to share with me and you. Qyererte, E-7, ASome say its just a part of it: D- G7, G- DPinta en el gran desierto oasis llenos de rosas.

It s the force that can come to you whenever you want and wherever you want to guide and help you. E7, ACada cual con sus trabajos, con sus sueños midhel cual. It is the primordial sound or the Universal sound by which the whole universe vibrates.

B- C, D And let your life live rich and strong for it is a blessing and there is no wrong E.

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Tierra mi cuerpo, agua mi sangre aire mi aliento y fuego mi espíritu bis Who assumes the forms of reality, consciousness and bliss, who is never absent and is full of peace.

It also means the supreme energy of force guiding us from the highest world. A- E- D, E9. You can change to any Scale set combination to better suit your vocal range.